For Long-Term Care

Improve medication management and reduce costs through on-demand medication packaging and delivery via SiteMed automation technology.

For Retail Pharmacy

Automate the pill dispensing process to stay competitive and provide benefits to the patients. Add adherence packaging and MTM services at your pharmacy to differentiate your pharmacy from the competition and increase revenue.

For Outpatient Pharmacy

Reduce hospital readmissions and increase revenue for your pharmacy while improving patient outcomes and lowering overall healthcare costs. Reduce hospital readmissions by adding adherence packaging and expanding MTM initiatives at your pharmacy.

For Central Fill Pharmacy

Reduce capital expenses, labor costs and trim inventory, all while improving patient safety and dispensing accuracy with central fill automation. Further maximize your efficiencies by combining central fill and in-store automation.

Why Choose SiteMed?

SiteMed is built upon a relatively new approach to designing software, cloud-based software is proving to be an incredibly valuable and secure platform for healthcare systems. Find out why pharmacies across the country are excited about SiteMed.

Enhance Safety

SiteMed’s easy to understand labeling and convenient packaging can prevent medication errors for both your retail and long-term care customers. For your retail customers managing medications at home, SiteMed reduces unnecessary health risks that can be caused by incorrect or missed doses. In long-term care SiteMed helps prevent potential medication errors caused by distractions during a med pass.

Improve Adherence

Make it easy for your patients to take medication at the right time, every time. SiteMed effortlessly organizes prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as vitamins by date and time of administration in an easy-to-open pouch. Each pouch is labeled with the appropriate dosing information as well as the date and time to take the medications within -so passing medication is as simple as tearing open a packet!

Increase Revenue

Carry less inventory, increase staff efficiency, and synchronize prescriptions, the benefits of SiteMed are substantial. Your pharmacy can affordably automate the medication dispensing process to help you prevent medication filling errors, and increase pharmacy staff efficiency to stay competitive and provide health benefits to your patients.

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