Long-term care

SiteMed benefits for long-term care

Long-term care facilities can save money by reducing waste, spend less time administering medication, increase nurse satisfaction, attract referrers, improve survey results and reduce risks by using our SiteMed on-demand medication packaging system available 24/7 within your facility.

Routine Medications

Automate your routine prescriptions with adherence and “barcode to beside” packaging. You can even virtually eliminate control medication shift counts with our “by shift” dispensing capability.

PRN Medications

Reduce waste and diversion events, get what you need for the patient when the patient needs it, no more bulk management of PRN medications. Our security controls even allows you to assign the types of PRNs that each user can dispense.

E-Kit & First Dose

Pharmacy not available? No problem. With SiteMed Emergency Kit dispense, your residents can get their needed medications on-site, even when the pharmacy is closed for the night.

By Shift Dispensing

Greatly reduce the time spent counting controlled substances between shifts and managing count sheets. Security controls are in place that allow you to designate which users can dispense narcotics providing an efficient deterrent and enhancing detection of medication diversion.

Leave of Absence

Patients leaving the facility receive their medications immediately with simple instructions on how and when to take them, so you can help ensure that they receive the right medication at the right time even when away from the facility.


Manage your SiteMed system, your way with a slew of pre-loaded and configurable modules such as dispense by unit, by resident, and by shift. SiteMed also offers an “all hands on deck” approach to every installation to ensure that the system is customized to match your workflow.

  • We take security seriously.

    • Meets HIPAA compliance standards
    • Continuous security-health monitoring
    • Bank-level encrypted communications and storage

Why Choose SiteMed?

Medication nonadherence due to complex prescription regimens is one of the top reasons patients are readmitted to the hospital. By utilizing our SiteMed adherence packaging solution you can help reduce hospital readmissions and increase revenue for your organization all while improving patient outcomes and lowering overall healthcare costs. Our SiteMed adherence packaging solution packages medications in order of pass time with clearly labeled administration information, simplifying the process for patients and providers.

Cloud based

Security is very important to us, so SiteMed is a cloud-based application that will not store any information locally. No expensive VPNs or servers to manage.

Smart Canisters

No matter where you place the smart canisters in the machine, the software detects the canister and its contents so the right medication will dispense every time.

Enterprise Reporting

Standard and customizable reports, like an inventory management report based on real-time data, not on dispensing history, and expiring prescriptions report.

Connectivity Solutions

Strong relationships with leading providers together with our expert software development team has enabled us to create product suites with real-time integration between SiteMed and your software systems.

Workflow Management

Maximize staff productivity while minimizing medication waste. SiteMed seamlessly combines a sleek user interface with custom workflows.

Smart Fill™ Technology

Our patented Smart Fill system eliminates the need for NDC specific canisters easing canister management and allowing you to easily manage wholesaler NDC changes.

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